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What is Laser Liposuction?

Laser Liposuction (laser lipo) is a surgical procedure to eradicate fatty tissue from stubborn areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise regimes.

The Fotona laser system is known to be one of the safest and most effective methods of laser liposuction. The procedure is minimally invasive and thus there is minor discomfort to the patient. This therefore allows for faster recovery time than with traditional liposuction methods.

The laser heats the fatty tissue to a specific temperature therefore allowing the fat to liquefy in the subcutaneous layer. The body then eliminates the liquefied fat naturally. There is reduced bleeding during surgery as the blood vessels coagulate due to the heat generated by the laser. Skin tightens around the area where laser liposuction is performed and thus there is no loose skin remaining after the procedure, as there would be if traditional liposuction had been utilized. A local anaesthetic will allow for pain-free surgery and thus laser lipo can be performed fairly quickly on an outpatient basis, in the doctor’s office. There may be minimal bruising and/or swelling which will disappear within a few days at which time one may return to work.

Laser liposuction can be administered to the following areas of the body: Face, neck, cheeks, chin, upper arms, back, waist, hips, tummy, inner and outer thighs, knees and ankles. Prospective candidates for Laser liposuction should be in good health and be of average body weight.

Laser liposuction has started to become popular in the last couple years due to more cosmetic surgeries offering these services. One such company the Wentworth Clinic has long experience in offering laser liposuction in the UK to its clients and offer an array of services that include fat removal and laser hair removal.

The Fotona laser system is the method utilized by the Wentworth Clinic for Laser Liposuction in the UK. For further information visit their website at

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Fotona laser for Lser liposuction at Wentworth Clinic