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Little Known Facts About Buying Tickets Online

The Internet opens the door to virtually every form of live entertainment. While most people know they can buy tickets online, they may not be aware of all the features and benefits associated with buying online tickets.

Not All Vendors Offer the Same Price

If you visit San Francisco, the locals will tell you that buying tickets directly from the arena or concert hall is not the way to go. Buying tickets on show day gives you a 50% discount if you purchase them from the TIX Bay Area booth in Union Square. The same applies to buying online tickets.

Not all websites are the same. There can be big differences in price depending on where you buy. With a few quick clicks, you can shop around for the best deals. For example, concert tickets for the Jimmy Buffet performance this September have a wide range of prices. One website is charging $125 US for side stage seats while Madison Square Garden (where the show will take place) is charging $151 for the same tickets. Rather sit on the floor? Now the pricing is reversed with the website offering center floor seats for $310 and Madison Square Garden selling them for $201.

For sporting events, one comparison found New York Yankees tickets near the bleachers for $12 on a tickets website while they sold on the official Yankees' website for $20.

It is always advisable to check several different sites when buying theater, concert or sporting event tickets. Make sure you note the exact seating assignment so you will be able to accurately compare pricing from site to site.

What's Available?

Any type of events tickets you can think of can be bought online. Broadway plays, London's West End, opera performances, symphonies, rock concerts and other entertainment and arts-related shows all make tickets available for purchase online. Plus, virtually every sporting event around the globe offers tickets on the Internet including baseball, football, soccer, hockey, the Olympics, basketball and more.

Buy Backs

In most cases, if a last-minute emergency comes up and you are unable to attend the event, you lose your money unless you're able to find someone locally to buy your tickets. However, many sites are now offering a buy back service. If something unexpected occurs, simply contact the website you bought the tickets from and they will buy them back, usually with only a small commission.

Buy In Advance and Save

Shopping for tickets online is convenient and allows you to make purchases in advance before shows and sporting events sell out. This always gives you better selection and frequently it can also save you a good deal of money. Many sites offer "pre-buy" reservations allowing you to reserve you tickets before they actually go on sale.

Savvy web surfers will take a few minutes of extra time to compare various websites to make sure they are getting the best deal possible. With so much available, it only makes sense to buy all your tickets online.

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