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Broadband Speeds across the World

Internet speeds vary hugely across the globe, but perhaps not quite as one might expect. According to research company Pando, global average download speeds site at around 580KB per second, with the highest speeds being around 2,202KB/s and the slowest being, well, as good as zero.

Images of speedy technology and smooth downloads might be difficult to imagine for many in Britain, but if one does, generally one would envisage the Japanese sitting pretty at the top. But it's another Far Eastern nation that dominates the tables, South Korea, with average speeds well over 2,000KB/s – the speeds of Britain, Turkey, Spain and Australia combined! Other high performers are Romania, Bulgaria and Lithuania which possibly benefit from smaller populations and tighter infrastructures. Japan follows those closely behind with 1,364KB/s.

How does China fit in amongst this? Not too badly, but similarly none-too-impressively too, with an average speed of 245KB/s – well under half the average speed of the US (616KB/s).

At the other end of the scale it's probably less of a shock to see countries in Africa and the Pacific with speeds of under 25KB/s. War-torn Congo sees average speeds of just 13KB/s, which anyone who lived with dialup connection for several years will most definitely emphasise with.

Nowadays in the UK one can find fantastic speeds with unlimited monthly bandwith and great prices, but it's vital to shop around before you get to the deal you want. Compare broadband deals across the UK and you'll be sure to find the one that suits you.

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Global Internet speeds vary...