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Want To Travel? Online Resources Help You Book Cheap Vacations

Traveling is one of the most sought after pastimes known to man.  While most people dream of galloping around the world to exotic destinations on extended vacations once they retire, many have discovered that you need not wait until "one day."  Airfares and hotel bookings have become such bargains that now is definitely the time to travel.

Online travel sites help you create vacations quickly and easily.  And while hotel bookings and airline reservations are a part of their purpose, they can also help with location selection, travel insurance, obtaining rental cars, finding activities and virtually anything else to do with travel.  Online sites also make researching and booking vacations extremely convenient because you can do it at your leisure.

Creating Vacations Everyone Will Love

Wouldn't it be nice if planning vacations only involved one person?  You could go where you wanted, do what you wanted to do and spend any amount of money you felt like spending.  But part of the fun of vacations is that they do include others.  That means there is a lot to consider.  For instance, hotel bookings may need to be kid-friendly; budgets will most likely come into play, and then there is the never-ending challenge of trying to schedule everyone's dates for travel. 

Online travel sites always offer package deals that can help you save a great deal by including hotel bookings, airfares and, oftentimes, car rentals all for one discounted rate.  If you'd rather create your own holiday, that's possible, too. 

With features like "My Itinerary" or "My Trip" sections, these sites also lend a hand with the organization of dates and locations.  That way you can pick and choose exactly what you want.  Dad needs wireless Internet access; the kids want a pool, and you want a warm breeze blowing through your hair as you relax on a white-sand beach with a strawberry daiquiri and a good book.  It can happen!

Searching for Hotel Bookings

When you search for hotel bookings online, you'll likely find an endless list of possibilities. From basic accommodations to five-star resorts, you should have no trouble securing reservations that fit precisely with your taste, budget and desired location.  Most listings offer pictures and detailed lists of nearby attractions making it all the easier to decide.  You can also find specials on hotel bookings near popular locations, many offering substantial savings.  Make a point to review the "Specials" page before booking.

Deciding Where To Go

There are countless options for every budget, taste and lifestyle when it comes to vacations.  Which ones are best for you depends on those traveling in your party.  Here are some suggestions on the most popular types of travel.  Online sites usually have a wide range of available vacations in these and other categories.


Cruises are one of the best deals in travel. Online sites generally have a great number of cruise vacations to choose from to any number of wondrous locations. For very little money, you can have a mobile hotel and resort that follows you from port to port.  You get to see numerous exotic and fascinating destinations and have plenty to do onboard in between stops.  From four-night cruise vacations to the Bahamas to elaborate 14-night voyages to Hawaii, the Orient or Japan, cruises can be the best deal going because your lodging, meals and onboard entertainment are included in the price.

All-Inclusive Resorts

Similar in nature to cruise vacations, all-inclusive resorts incorporate your lodging, meals and most on-site entertainment into the cost of the hotel bookings.  Generally, the larger resorts have multiple hotels within a few miles of one another allowing you to take advantage of the amenities at any of the locations.  This is another exceptional deal for families who want to save as much as possible when they travel.

Online Specials

You may opt to decide on your vacation destination based on the best deal available.  Online specials offer great savings to popular destinations so be sure to check at your favorite travel site for the deepest discounts.  You could find yourself somewhere you never dreamed possible.

Above all, check multiple sites, not just one. Not all sites have the same rates or bargains so you'll want to shop around to find the best selection and pricing for your upcoming travel. Online vacation sites can be found by searching for "plan a vacation," "travel online," "book a cruise online" or other phrases related to vacations. With the variety and accessibility of vacation packages available online, you're sure to find the perfect holiday for you and your family.

David Frankel is a partner at City Screams Interactive and a contributing editor for, a special features portal and directory that provides up to the minute information on every subject imaginable. If you need info… Search and Go!

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