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Many hotels these days advertise themselves as having a spa - but there is a world of difference between basic facilities such as a steam room, sauna and a couple of beauty rooms and the kind of spa that is worth traveling the world for.

The former category are increasingly common - the latter stand out in people's minds as places synonymous with health, relaxation, rejuvenation and a real retreat from the stresses and strains of life generally - or even after a particular upset such as a divorce or bereavement.

Why visit a spa?

In the 19th century, spas were viewed as destinations for the wealthy, who went there for the restorative effects of "taking the waters." Water treatments are still considered the heart of the spa experience in Europe while in America massages and facials are by far the most popular. Whereas the reason for a spa break used to be mainly medicinal, these days there are far more varied reasons why people go.

They may want a place to properly unwind from stress - not just the type that might keep them awake at night but the kind that is so serious it is affecting their long term health. They may want to change a toxic lifestyle, give up using caffeine, nicotine or alcohol, lose weight or kick start a healthy eating or exercise regime. Increasingly today the best spas are offering specialist programmes aimed at people who want to see specific results after a stay - whether that be detoxing, anti aging, a clearer mind or more defined body.

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