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Internet Marketing

With the advent of the World Wide Web, suddenly millions of documents on practically every topic imaginable became available. While the technology of the Internet was phenomenal and offered great promise, there needed to be a comprehensive way to manage and organize everything the Web offered.

Search engines began as a way to collate the massive amount of information that had been produced and released via the Internet. Its original purpose was to offer the ability to locate information. Almost instantly, however, business marketers recognized the search engines as a truly unique and economical tool for promoting themselves.

From that point forward, engines such as MSN, AOL, Yahoo! and Google began the quest for relevancy as well as organization. Making sure engines delivered results that were highly accurate was priority one. This generally meant analyzing the content of the site in addition to the coding.

Originally, search engine optimization was a simple practice of placing singular keywords into META tags. Nothing more was needed. But as the Web became more crowded and more sites started to vie for top placement, unethical manipulation took place. This forced the engines into a struggle to keep their algorithms keen toward accuracy and relevance and enforce "rules" that prevent others from gaining an unfair advantage.

Search engines also offer the opportunity to pay for clicks to your site. With PPC (pay per click) advertising (such as Google AdWords), site owners can find themselves listed at the top of the rankings, for a price. Depending on the amount you choose to bid, your ad with appear as surfers enter search strings related to yours into the engines. This gives sites who choose not to be optimized their sites organically an opportunity at equal exposure.

Whichever method you choose (natural or PPC) search engines provide a powerful and effective method of reaching the millions of Web surfers that go online everyday.

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