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Guild of Accessible Web Designers
Guild of Accessible Web Designers

GAWDS is a world-wide association of organisations and accessible web designers and developers - designed to both promote and protect standards - not technical standards - but accessible design standards.

Accessible Web Development

Accessibility, either on the Internet or the Web means the development and distribution of websites and applications which are usable by all visitors, including those who may have physical or cognitive disabilities or who may be restricted to slow access speeds. This also includes Web application used on business intranets and extranets extending across wide area networks. Physical discrimination against people within the workplace now extends beyond provision of wheelchair ramps and broadens the scope of empowerment to any service provided at a place of work or across the vastness of the Internet and World Wide Web.

Accessible website development now plays an increasing role in the delivery of the Web, especially now the longevity of those with disposable incomes has increased and greater numbers of aged members of society are looking to the Web to deliver their purchasing expectations, people whose eyesight is not what it once was and whose loyalty may be captured by provision of accessibility features that accommodate poor vision or use of the keyboard rather than mouse for arthritic fingers.

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