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TOLRA Micro Systems Limited provides web solutions ranging from a single page to full database driven, content managed websites encompassing e-commerce and off the shelf scripts. Working closely with customers from initial contact through design and implementation, the products are crafted in-house, tested on multiple browsers and platforms to ensure the optimal user experience.

Web Development

Website development is now recognised as a professional business. Many billions of dollars in annual revenue transact across the web and that figure is increasing at a dramatic rate. Those responsible for bringing a web presence to life must nurture and hone a number of skill sets if they are to make the best of the Internet opportunities presented them and their clients. These skills extend beyond the graphical talents necessary to create a visually engaging website through to such areas as usability and accessibility to ensure a rewarding visitor experience for as wide an audience as possible. Whether this range of expertise exists within one individual or is spread across a development house is immaterial. A firm understanding of the process will ensure the difference between a mediocre offering and a formidable web presence.

Website development may once have been the province of scientists who wished to distribute research findings or contact colleagues at distant global research establishments; it is now the theatre of commerce as well as a vehicle of expression for the common man. Regardless of incentive, initiative or expertise, the Web is now open to all, however there are a number of guidelines and caveats which must be observed to create, promote and maintain a professional web presence. Read our complete article:

Understanding Website Development