Luxury Goods

Status has long been something almost every person strives for. From luxury cars to exotic vacations to any number of other luxury goods, owning prestigious items make us feel important and respected.

Why do we crave luxury goods and services? The quality is usually better, the variety is typically wider and the styles normally have greater appeal. From fashion to hotels to automobiles, the world is in love with luxury.

Fashion has long been an indicator of social status. Wearing the "right" styles can easily catapult you from ordinary to sophisticated. While any leather handbag or briefcase might functionally do the job, luxury leather goods from Coach, Gucci and others make a statement.

Goods and services are not the only luxury items, however. Activities can also be found in this category. Where you take a holiday and what you do during your vacation are indicators of a luxurious lifestyle. Will you visit the seashore at Hilton Head, South Carolina or will you bask along the shores of the Turtle Island Resort in Fiji? Will your activities include parasailing or private tour of a remote castle?

Regardless of what you see, do or buy, one thing is certain: luxury goods offer unique ways to enrich our lives.