Oftentimes it's difficult to find exactly what you're looking for on the Internet. It's such a huge environment that when you need attempt to find local listings, frustration can be the result. That's when directories can become more useful and valuable than search engines.

Difference In Directories and Search Engines

A search engine scours with worldwide web in search of content to index. In its most basic form, it collects words. When a person enters a search query into the engine, it delivers pages that match the words entered. Considering there are millions upon millions of web pages in any given engine, the results can be extremely diverse. Sometimes the large range of results can be beneficial. Other times it can be overwhelming.

A directory, however, accepts listings from qualified web sites that fall into specific categories. If, for instance, you're in search of luxury spas, looking in a directory specifically devoted to spas will frequently bring you better results than a search engine. Take it one step farther and find a local directory filled with information about practically every city and country in the world and you have an exceptionally valuable resource.

Worldwide Regional Directory

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