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Mobile Phones

According to an American Telephone & Telegraph (AT&T) installers training course, the realization that cells with a certain frequency could function in a communications system was known as early as 1947. However, the technology to support that knowledge would not exist for years to come.

Plagued by constant problems with interference, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) found itself repeatedly increasing the frequency on which mobile phones could broadcast. It would be 1977, with the approval of a temporary mobile phone network in Chicago, before cellular communications would improve to the level that the general public could - and would - take notice.

As phones evolved from hardwired, car installed versions to those encased in a bag to palm-sized devices: electronics got smaller, batteries stronger and signals clearer. Today, mobile phones offer a wide range of phone accessories including earpieces, headsets, USB adapters, ring tones and more. Access to the mobile web is also prevalent with many mobile phone users delivering email capabilities, instant messaging, text messaging and other features.

While current mobile phones possess truly remarkable features, there is no doubt other life-enhancing innovations will be seen in the not-to-distant future.

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