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Busy travelers depend on an accurate weather forecast. Now, whether traveling across town or around the globe, you can instantly receive accurate online weather reports for any city in the world with these innovative tools. Enter your city or postal code for the seven-day outlook in your area or view weather forecasts for popular cities worldwide with just one click.

Weather Conditions: United States
Current conditions map for United-States

Current conditions for select cities
City Current Conditions Temperature Forecast
Beijing Fog. Warm. 77°F / 25°C Sprinkles late. More sun than clouds. Mild.
Berlin Clear. Mild. 72°F / 22°C Light rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.
Bournemouth Partly sunny. Mild. 63°F / 17°C Morning clouds. Mild.
Buenos Aires Sunny. Cool. 50°F / 10°C Sunny. Pleasantly warm.
Cape Town Clear. Cool. 54°F / 12°C Sunny. Warm.
Delhi Fog. Warm. 81°F / 27°C Sunny. Pleasantly warm.
Dubai Clear. Extremely hot. 95°F / 35°C More sun than clouds. Warm.
Dublin Passing clouds. Cool. 61°F / 16°C Mostly cloudy. Cool.
Florence Partly sunny. Hot. 90°F / 32°C Sprinkles. More clouds than sun. Cool.
London Partly sunny. Mild. 68°F / 20°C Sprinkles early. Decreasing cloudiness. Mild.
Los Angeles Scattered clouds. Mild. 75°F / 24°C Sunny. Mild.
Melbourne Partly sunny. Cool. 48°F / 9°C Sunny. Mild.
Mexico City Broken clouds. Mild. 68°F / 20°C Sunny. Pleasantly warm.
Monaco Clear. Warm. 81°F / 27°C Scattered showers. More clouds than sun. Cool.
Moscow Fog. Mild. 63°F / 17°C Drizzle. Breaks of sun late. Mild.
Munich Clear. Mild. 73°F / 23°C An icy mix changing to rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.
New Orleans Scattered clouds. Hot. 92°F / 33°C Overcast. Warm.
New York City Scattered clouds. Warm. 80°F / 27°C Sprinkles early. More clouds than sun. Cool.
Paris Passing clouds. Mild. 73°F / 23°C Light rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.
Riyadh Clear. Extremely hot. 99°F / 37°C Light rain. Mostly cloudy. Mild.
Rome Clear. Mild. 75°F / 24°C Heavy rain. Mostly cloudy. Mild.
Sydney Clear. Mild. 72°F / 22°C Showery. Partly sunny. Mild.
Tokyo Passing clouds. Warm. 82°F / 28°C Rain. Mostly cloudy. Cool.
Toronto Passing clouds. Warm. 77°F / 25°C Sprinkles. Morning clouds. Cool.
Washington DC Scattered clouds. Warm. 86°F / 30°C Overcast. Cool.
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