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Web Converting by ITCM

ITCM is a global leader in design and innovation for packaging and bespoke machinery. One of its core areas of expertise is with web handling and converting reel based materials and providing solutions for closed-loop tension control. ITCM provide businesses with options that include flexible manufacturing solutions with machine designs that enable processes to remain flexible in a fast-changing environment.

Financial Services

The growth of e-commerce has transformed the way the Financial Services industry does business. The finance & business market has also been shaken up by new players emerging in the form of, amongst others, telecom providers, supermarkets and utility companies. What was traditionally a branch-based or broker-serviced industry the World Wide Web has forced these old world companies to become an online business as well or fail.

Online information has empowered individuals to shop around for the best deal more extensively and far easier than ever before.

Online tools such as mortgage, tax and insurance calculators allow the consumer to be far more aware of their choices prior to ever stepping foot into a branch or office. Online currency convertors allow the traveler to hunt around for the best rates while the shopper can be certain of price paid for foreign goods or services.

The explosion of the online trading industry is due in most part to easily accessible online information. No longer does the trader need to wait for the broker to initiate his trade thereby cutting valuable time and revolutionizing the stock broking market the world over.

Consumers can now happily access financial information, apply for credit, calculate the best mortgage, convert currencies and even trade stocks virtually 24 hours a day from the comfort of home.

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