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Whether you prefer classic cuisine from Italy and France or current trends with Cajun, Mediterranean and Cuban influences, gourmet fine dining is an absolute treat for the pallet. Gourmet fine dining focuses on combining flavors, textures and presentation elements that delight the senses of sight, smell and taste. Whether at restaurants or in your home, gourmet dining makes mere eating more than a necessary activity to sustain lifeā€¦ it creates an all to precious moment to stop and savor everything about a meal.

What better compliment to gourmet fine dining than vintage wines? From rich Bordeaux's from the Napa Valley in California to light Zinfandels direct from the heart of France, wines have been sought after since Biblical times for their taste, their medicinal purposes and their ability to truly enhance the flavor of foods.

To make the most of your gourmet experience, take time to learn which wines best compliment the various delicacies found on dining menus. You can also discover the best dessert wines and which wines are perfect for simply sipping as you relax and enjoy your evening.

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