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Comparing Online Events Tickets Purchases

A good deal of enlightenment can come from buying online events tickets. When taking the time to compare purchases, it is easy to see that not all sites are created equal. Here's a prime example.

A comparison of prices for The Police concert tickets brought two very different results. The official ticket provider for Dolphin Stadium had tickets in the Upper Level for $90 US plus a $10.50 convenience charge. Shipping via the postal service was free or you could pay $2.50 to print your concert tickets on your own printer. Other shipping options were also available for additional fees of up to $19.50. If choosing the most economical option (free postal delivery) the total would be $100.50 US.

A second site, for the same seats, the charges were $110 US for the concert tickets plus $15 for shipping plus an additional $16.50 service fee for a total cost of $141.50. That's $41 more than the other website.

The primary factor in finding the best price is to compare apples to apples. Be sure you know where you are sitting. Every events tickets site - whether selling theater tickets, concert tickets or sporting events tickets - will offer a seating chart so you would be well-advised to view it before making your purchase.

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