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Internet Shopping

Why has online shopping at e-commerce sites and auctions become so popular? Is it just a trend or is e-commerce here to stay? Statistics show that greater numbers of consumers are spending their time and money to go Internet shopping rather than visiting traditional brick and mortar stores. Several surveys have shown that almost three quarters of the population over the age of 13 will (a) shop online and (b) find better deals at e-commerce stores and auctions than offline stores.

Because of the convenience, lower prices and selection, online shopping is becoming a standard rather than an exception in the buying process. Consumers lack time and are willing to trade additional fees for shipping for the convenience of having products delivered to their doors. Likewise, the privilege of having a much wider selection of goods also draws shoppers to e-commerce stores.

Online auctions are also increasing in popularity. Those who attend auction sites have the ability to find practically everything from used Tupperware to real estate at deep discounts. People who formerly shopped garage sales are now sleeping late and logging onto the Internet to buy new and used goods at their leisure.

No, online shopping isn't a passing fad. It is a viable, dependable avenue in the shopping environment that will have a continued positive impact on how we shop and buy.

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