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Holiday Villas

While most people assume they should reserve rooms in a hotel for their holiday, villas offer a wonderful alternative. With additional space and freedom being their primary advantages, vacation rentals offer a home away from home. With separate bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and full-sized kitchens; vacation homes are preferred by many travelers, especially those with small children.

Also referred to as condominiums or apartments, holiday rentals are widespread in Europe. International Travel News states France has over 5,000 vacation rentals with Italy coming in close behind. Easily located on the Internet, many holiday villa organizations broker accommodations for villas located throughout the world making finding and reserving a vacation rental easy.

Payment for holiday villas is usually remitted in stages. An initial deposit is made to reserve the villa. Several weeks prior to your arrival a deposit of approximately 25% is remitted. The balance is generally due upon your arrival or a short time before. It is common for the vacation rental company to also collect a security deposit, which is refunded upon inspection of the property upon your departure.

Before booking a vacation home, especially one in a country other than your own, enquire about the number of beds versus the number of sleeper sofas, the proximity of the villa to local markets and shopping, the availability of domestic staff, the age of the villa and the refund policy. Holiday villas can be a welcome alternative to traditional accommodations that will add fun and freedom to any vacation.

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