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Orchid Hotel
Orchid Hotel Bournemouth

The groundbreaking Orchid Hotel, located in the heart of Bournemouth, introduces the concept of Hotel as art and beauty with it's uniquely beautiful Lobby,and elegance that has not only made it one of the foremost boutique hotels but a first choice wedding venue.

Luxury Hotels

From as early as the birth of Jesus Christ - when the infamous report of, "no room at the inn," hotels have been in existence offering accommodation to those passing through. What started as nothing more than hosting travelers in spare rooms of private homes has evolved into a massive industry designed to cater to those who travel anywhere in the world for any purpose. As noted by Texas Tech University, it was under the influence of the Roman Empire that inns and hotels began catering to the pleasure traveller in an effort to encourage visitors. A business built around temporary lodging was born.

Generally segmented by price, amenities and service, hotels can be categorized into three broad groupings: budget, business and luxury.

Budget hotels provide the necessities of a comfortable place to sleep and shower for an economical rate. Business hotels offer lodging to those who primarily travel for work purposes. They generally offer amenities such as proximity to the airport, shuttle services, on-site restaurants, plush bedding, Internet access and others of great importance to those who travel for business.

Luxury hotels are the grand class of accommodations. Business Week Online cites that those in the luxury market are becoming increasingly harder to please. Thus luxury hotels are now offering service and accommodations far superior to other classes of hotels.

From single rooms in private homes to extravagant suites and penthouses in the heart of the most sought after locations worldwide, hotels are now better equipped to serve various travelers based on their individual needs.

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