Directory Submission Review Guidelines

Search and Go Directory / Submission Guidelines

The Search and Go Directory is a unique directory in the fact that it continually promotes it's categories through well placed advertisements and articles. It's unique in that each category section has a 'summary' describing the section, each summary is supported by an article of unique content. Over a period of time the Search and Go Directory will expand into new areas, for further details see the Search and Go Blog.

To submit your site to the Search and Go Directory navigate to the category that best suits your site; click Add Site and follow the instructions. If you can't find a suitable category or no category exists for your site click on Suggest a New Category and follow the on screen instructions.

Please Note: We do not accept:

  • Sites that are not in English or have an easily accessible English version.
  • Sites that are redirects, mirrors or folders off the domain root.
  • Sites that try to download anything upon opening
  • Sites that have popups
  • Sites that try to change the users window on opening
  • Sites that cause a crash on opening
  • Sites that contain child pornography, or any other offensive material
  • Sites that are not compatable with browsers other than Internet Explorer.  Sites must be able to be viewed in at least FireFox & Mozilla.  (we will make exception for sites that have problems in older browsers, or on Macs).
  • Multiple pages from the same site.  Only the main site is to submitted.
  • Sites that content or URL are flooded with densely populated or/and spammy keywords.
  • Sites that require registration to view them (excluding forums, chat rooms).  Content should be easily accessible.
  • eCommerce sites not clearly stating postal and trading address.
  • Websites that don't display an email contact or contact form.
  • Any sites where ads are displayed in such a way that they can be confused with the normal navigation of the site.
  • Sites whose content is primarily affiliate marketing.
  • Sites where the majority of content is still under construction.
  • Sites that have a limited life.
  • Sites that are submitted with a Yahoo, Hotmail or any other free email address.
  • Sites advertising Viagra or products of that type.
  • Sites that promote or are affiliated with racial / religious hatred or other hate styled sites

Sites containing any of the above will disappear into cyber space.

By adding your site to this directory you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to be bound by our Terms of Service and privacy policy.


SAGO Ltd reserves the right to refuse submission of any site unconditionally and without recompense. Furthermore, SAGO Ltd reserves the right to move, delete or edit listings at their discretion. For further information, please Contact Us